Cats Who Made Us Laugh the Hardest in a Crazy, Terrible Year

After months of catastrophic news, we encourage you to paws for a few laughs and bat the end of this year into the litter box. By Tracey L. Kelley December 30, 2020

2020? Gak. Theft. The general consensus regarding the year of coronavirus, forest fires, canceled plans, and social isolation can only be summarized in GIF format: dumpster fire. Maybe a row of hostile emojis. ? ? No matter how you communicate your feelings about the 2020s most trying circumstances, skimming the interwebs for funny cat pictures and videos definitely helped to take the edge off! Here, we’ll share a few of our favorites with you.

Expressing Our Feelings in Cat Language

Amelia, a darling Russian Blue, demonstrates a more, shall we say, PG version of our feelings about this year in a nutshell. Not great. Two thumbs down. Yuck all around.

What is Your Cat Saying to You? | Cat Body Language & Communication | The  Old Farmer's Almanac

The Solution to Screen Fatigue

About those endless Zoom sessions: if your cat hasn’t obstructed your coworker or classmates’ view during at least once during our extended time working from home, your feline has much better manners than ours.

How We Passed the Time

Do Cats Fart or What? What's the Deal Here?

There’s not even a need to explain why we might have been tempted to dress up our kitties when we haven’t left the house in 57 days. Dressing them up with a little friend to help stave off loneliness during our ump-teeth month of social distancing? Well, that’s understandable. At any rate, this Scottish fold (and her little friend) are adorbs.

Speaking of Fashion…

“On the catwalk…on the catwalk, yeah, I shake my little tush on the catwalk.” How many times have we watched this hilarious cat fashion show? You don’t want to know! (Really—you don’t. We’re embarrassed.) But if you’re looking for a fun going-out look for your fur baby to rock once we can all leave our homes, these cat harnesses might do the trick. Work it, Kitty!

Meanwhile, In Another Part of the House

Being in quarantine definitely created strategic alliances between certain members of the family. Take this very talented black cat and her tiny human apprentice, who’ve figured out how to escape quarantine like a scene from Mission: Impossible. Now we know why it’s so easy for them to stare at us from the foot of the bed while we sleep.

Well. This Explains the Toilet Paper Shortage

All those trips to Costco? We wish we could say it was only for the industrial-sized bag of Veggie Poofs. This Bengal kitty is more than a bit naughty with the bathroom tissue. Listen, Mittens—there’s a national shortage and the humans need this more than you!

Funny Cats from a Different Perspective

Maybe it’s our junk food-induced dreams prompting this Harry Potter meets Alice in Wonderland vibe, or maybe it’s the surreal artistic vision of Insta-sensation Koty Verde. The artist creates mixes like these with your cat’s face. Peek at the whole portfolio on Cat Universe (it’s a great way to break free of the zoom scroll).

Who Has Cabin Fever?

We’ve been cooped up too long in the house, or maybe we were just trying new dance moves but didn’t think anyone was watching. This little cat has a relatable moment with the mirror. Too bad their humans never left the house, so they saw everything. How embarrassing!